We help you to prevent problems in the following areas:

In general, we do building monitoring and tools for maintenance optimization. We will deliver everything from sensor hardware to final results analysis and sensor alarm systems. Reports and sensor level alerts are live data that is accessible via Desktop PC or a mobile. 



Our sensor system works as well under the floor as above. We have solutions for leakage detection and humidity sensing as well as water flow monitoring in pipes. 


MONITORING HUMIDITY PROBLEMS in in rooms and constructions

Our system can monitor constructions 24/7 and report on fixed schedule the condition of walls, floors, and rooms.  Since everything is workflow controlled, we can control any device like fans, pumps, and dehumidifiers, which needs to start when sensor readings reach a predefined level. 


Smoke and Gas Detection

We provide smoke and gas detectors/Alarms that works in our network alongside with all other sensors. So it's not a limitation for you if you want to expand the monitoring of the building to include extra sensors. Special workflow and alarm procedures are needed, in this case, and often also an integration to existing alarm system are needed.  


Our Wireless Sensor system is ideal for monitoring of Water and Power usage at many outlets. All the usage data is collected during the day, and we can build alarms that warn you about abnormal usage. So if you want to collect this kind of information and make the billing easy, you should contact us. We can also integrate the usage data with any existing billing system.