We want to solve your data collection problems and make systems that work for you

We have developed a Wireless Sensor-to-User system, which is easy to customize to any need. We don't have legacy issues with outdated technologies, and we put honor in making all solutions as perfect as possible for our clients.  

Our Mission

We want to be the preferred provider of custom Anti-Surprise and Support solutions using Wireless Mesh Sensor Network Technologies specialized within the core of building structure surveillance, building environment, monitoring of usage and control of systems. 

If we have had Wirsens, we would most likely have discovered the leaky water installation under the floor in our newly build hospital in South Germany, and we would have saved more than 2 Million euros in repairs and not had a delay in the opening of the hospital.
— Anonymous, Architecht, Germany

What have we Achieved so far?

  • Build an ultra low power Wireless sensor mesh network that requires non to minimal maintenance.  
  • A cloud platform that is easy to customize solutions on. 
  • A workflow controlled information network that integrates algorithms for customized control operations.  
  • Our system that can incorporate existing regulations and requirements for e.g. buildings ventilation control. 
  • Our wireless sensor solutions a super easy to setup.

  • We have designed and build a small unique sensors platform that integrates any sensor requirement.
  • Our platform delivers real-time data to any software or database.
  • Our Front-end software scales to the user device accessing it, Mobile, Tablet or Pc, etc. 
  • All data is stored in our cloud provided by Google and Microsoft to ensure highest possible data security and prevention of loss of data. 


Our products have both the form and function. We believe that all our products from the beginning should follow our Design DNA, even if it's a motor controller or a sensor hidden under the floor or a gateway standing outside.